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1. Simply complete the order form here, or with the form in your Bespoq packet which can be retrieved from the designated pick-up/drop-off locations. You can add your payment information to the form or pay online (here). Please remember to place the form in the bag with your order. (All bags must include completed forms).

2. Place your items in the bag with an order form and drop off your order at one of the designated locations, contact us to schedule pickup or leave shoes at a designated drop off/pick up location. (Bespoq is not responsible for items before pick-up or after drop-off at designated locations).

3.Your order will be ready on the next Bespoq delivery day. Simply retrieve your items from the predesignated location . PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE ITEMS WILL BE DELIVERED. 

Pickup and drop off days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

(items dropped off Monday will be ready Wednesday, Wednesday items ready Friday and Friday items will be ready Monday).

Customers will be contacted with any issues or concerns or for clarification before any services are performed.

Thank you for allowing us to help you put your best foot forward -Bespoq-